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About Valeda LDS Treatment


The Valeda Light delivery system is the first approved treatment for Dry Age-related Macular Degeneration

Who is suitable for treatment? 

This is the Valeda Light Delivery System by Lumithera is the first approved treatment for Dry Age Related macular Degeneration.

The treatment is most suited to early macular disease which is characterised by pigmentation changes and the development of drusen. Those who respond well to the treatment can have a reduction in central drusen volume. Clearance of the drusen material reduces the toxic effect that it has to the all important macular cells. In turn, this may slow down the development of geographic atrophy. Studies so far have shown that the treatment provides more benefit to patients who have not yet developed geographic atrophy.  


What to expect?

At the initial assessment we carry out baseline measurements and check that you are suitable for the treatment. We measure your visual acuities in each eye and we carry out Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) of the macular and OPTOS imaging of the eyes.

The treatment course

9 treatment sessions are recommended for one treatment course.

It is recommended that the treatments are spread over a 3-4 week period, The typical schedule is 3 treatments per week for 3 weeks. 

The treatment is safe, non invasive and pain free. There is no down-time required.

A single treatment takes less than 5 minutes on each eye.

What happens after? 

We schedule a follow up appointment 1 month after your last treatment. The visual acuity assessment and imaging scans are repeated and compared with the initial results. 

Patients who show a good response to the treatment are advised to have another course after 4 months. The current research shows that some of the beneficial affects from the light therapy start to wear off after the 6 months period.    

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