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Eaglet Eye ESP

Eye Surface Profiler



The Eaglet Eye – EYE SURFACE PROFILER is a device that provides a topography map that goes way beyond the cornea – onto the sclera.  This type of map obtained of the cornea and the sclera is known as Profilometry. 


The information and data provided from the scan helps us to improve the fitting process of complex contact lenses. We primarily us the scans to improve our  Scleral Lenses fitting. With over 5 years of experience with the Eaglet Eye, we have seen profilometry excel the fitting process of complex scleral lens fitting. 



The Eaglet Eye software enables us to amalgamate the vast scan data with different scleral lens designs and fitting algorithms. The topographic map also helps us to predict and understand how a contact lens is likely to interact with the ocular surface. 




Free Form Scleral Lenses

Several lens companies are now producing lenses that can be designed according to the Profilometry data. This means that a lens is custom designed according to the topographic map of the eye: Free Form lenses. 

We are no longer limited by contact lens parameters which provides an excellent solution for eyes with irregular corneal and scleral shape. 

Free form designs optimise the fit of the lenses and thereby enhances the comfort and visual correction potential.