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Contact Lenses


Many people are told that they cannot wear contact lenses, but in our practice we attempt to find a suitable contact lens for everyone.

Are you new to contact lenses?

If you are new to contact lenses we will take you through all of the options and help you decide which lens is the most appropriate for your vision and lifestyle needs. We will check your eyes very carefully to ensure that they are healthy for contact lens wear and once we have chosen the correct contact lenses we will give you a lesson to help you learn how to insert and remove the lens.

Even if you have worn contact lenses before we will still take the time to check everything carefully and may offer you a better lens option. For all new patients, we always do perform a full eye examination.

With the benefits of our latest technology, we can make sure that the eyes are healthy and have all the information we need to ensure we choose the best contact lens options available to you. All contact lens patients receive a full eye examination during their aftercare appointments when appropriate.

Once your lenses have been fitted you may wish to join one of our annual care plans, which give you discounted appointments and contact lenses, please contact us for more information.