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Cosmetic Lenses

We are one of the few practices in the country that have expertise in fitting contact lenses to cover scars or damage to the front of the eye.

Corneal scars can result from congenital anomalies, acquired through injury or as part of a disease process. We have a selection of lens designs which can be fitted to cover the scarring and to improve the cosmetic appearance.

Hand painted or printed lenses can be made to copy the appearance of the unaffected eye so that the iris detail and colour can be replicated.

We have also provided cosmetic lenses for the film and TV industries. We have in the past provided the fitting of unique cosmetic designs required for special effects.  

Tinted contact lenses

Tinted lenses can be fitted for those who have increased sensitivity to light. Different levels of tints can be chosen to suit the situation. Some eye conditions can cause photophobia or photo-sensitivity, where by the eyes become very sensitive to light making it difficult to keep the eyes open. Some individuals with light coloured irises are naturally sensitive to bright light.

A few of our actor patients suffer from the bright lighting whilst on stage and use tinted lenses to improve the comfort of their eyes.   

For those who simply want to safely enjoy a change or enhancement of their eye colour, we have our approved range of cosmetic lenses: Acuvue Define, Freshlook contacts, Air Optix colours.