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Comfort 15

This is a lens designed by our own Optometrist Caroline Hodd. Following the footsteps of her grandfather, Frederick Arthur Burnett Hodd who designed the ‘Hodd Tapered Lens’, Caroline decided to design a lens range that bridges the gap between rigid gas permeable lenses and scleral lenses. As a mathematician and contact lens expert, she has designed the lens which can be customized to each individual.

Unlike standard rigid gas permeable lenses, Comfort 15 offers excellent initial comfort whilst providing outstanding visual acuity. Contrary to other mini-scleral designs however, Comfort 15’s smaller overall diameter means that it’s easy to handle for insertion and removal.

Comfort 15 offers all the benefits of a mini-scleral design. As there is no bearing on the corneal surface, there is minimal risk to corneal scarring and there is no alteration to the corneal shape. The lens sits on the scleral just outside of the cornea which means that the comfort is superior to regular rigid gas permeable lenses. It is made with ‘Optimum Extra’ material to ensure high oxygen transmittability and excellent wetting.

The Comfort 15 is a superb alternative for the correction of regular and irregular complex corneal conditions.

Situations where the Comfort 15 lens can be considered include:

First fit for irregular corneas such as Keratoconus, Pellucid Marginal Degeneration, Post Graft, Post Lasik, Corneal Ectasia

Refits for patients wearing RGP’s but looking for better comfort

Refits for patients wearing soft lenses but needing improved vision

Patients with mild to moderate ocular surface disease and dry eye

Patients with high astigmatism requiring excellent vision and comfort