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Mr Nigel Burnett Hodd has been retired for just over a year now. He still lends his wisdom but the practice is now safely in the hands of Optometrists Dr Caroline Burnett Hodd (Nigel’s daughter), Mr Connan Tam and Dispensing Optician Mr Jovi Mendoza Gonzalez, who runs our advanced Dispensing Suite.

We were very pleased to persuade Mr Connan Tam to leave his Harley Street practice and join us three years ago. He has quickly become busy so he has had to give up his hospital roles to be with us full time. He has committed to being with us for the long term and with that in mind, and to respect the wealth of experience he brings to the practice, we have decided to change our name to Burnett Hodd & Tam Optometry.


New Faces

We are excited to introduce Ms Nicola Wood to join us as a Specialist Optometrist in the practice. Nicola graduated top of her class with First Class Honours in 2003 and she went on to win the College of Optometrists prize for the highest mark in the qualifying exam. She is also qualified as an Independent Prescriber (like Caroline), which means she can prescribe any medicine to treat eye disease. She will join us for three days a week and will continue to spend two days a week working in eye hospitals. Like Caroline, Nicola’s father is also an optometrist. She is already proving popular with patients.

We are pleased to announce that Rui and Iulia are our new Technician Team. They are enjoying our latest gizmos and will be doing your extra clinical tests for you as well as looking after your contact lens orders. Our technicians are highly skilled and organised so your visit to our practice and our care for your eyes remains world class.



The Dispensing Suite

In the Dispensing Suite, Daun has returned from maternity leave and will be with us on Mondays and Tuesdays. We have also been joined by Miss Sarah King. Please be aware that unlike on the High Street, all three of our Dispensing Opticians are registered, as are our Optometrists, with the General Optical Council.

We have travelled to Paris and Milan several times in the past two years, to attend the two biggest optical fairs in the world. We have brought back with us beautifully crafted spectacle frames from as far as Japan and Australia. We are also excited to announce two Burnett Hodd & Tam collections that are made in collaboration: buffalo horn frames made with Hoffman, a German company, and acetate designs made with William Morris, a British spectacles maker. These will only be available at our practice.


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